Rockhouse introduces a new restaurant and bar "Pushcart" located right next door at Pirates Cave. A "Pushcart" is used for street vending in the Caribbean and provides the inspiration for the new Pushcart Menu which is drawn from the street food of Jamaica and the Caribbean. Guests can indulge in "peppered shrimp" inspired by road side vending in Middle Quarters, St. Elizabeth where vendors rush your car with flavorful hot peppered shrimp in clear plastic bags; or try "fish with bammy" like that of vendors in Port Royal; and "homemade jerk sausage" made famous by Jamaica's 'jerk center' at Boston, Portland. The menu will also feature other traditional Jamaican home cooking favorites such as "curried goat", "oxtail", and an array of local desserts sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Pushcart also features an open kitchen design evoking the Jamaican street food experience, an excellent rum bar featuring the Caribbean's finest rums, nightly live entertainment and phenomenal sunset views. The Pirates Cave location has a rich history including being the location of two famous movies. In the 1950's the Jules Verne classic '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' was filmed in the cave directly below the new restaurant. In the 1970's the Steve McQueen classic 'Papillon' was filmed on the cliffs where the star actor jumped off to make his escape from Devil's Island. Pushcart offers Rockhouse guests casual dining, and compliments the Rockhouse Restaurant which continues to provide a more refined Caribbean epicurean experience.

Pushcart serves up good food, drinks, music and good vibes from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Travel + Leisure, "Eat: Local Fare"

"Dishes inspired by street vendors are popping up on hotel-restaurant menus across the globe. In Jamaica, bags of peppered shrimp to go are sold on street corners. At the Rockhouse's new Pushcart restaurant a favorite dish is the peppered shrimp, the freshly caught, spiced crustaceans are accompanied by a papaya-and-cocnut rum cocktail."

Caribbean Travel + Life, "The Caribbean's Coolest Beach Towns - Funky Town"

"Head for Pushcart, a new open-air, cliffside eatery that offers local specialties, live music and a flip-flop friendly vibe. Try the fried-to-perfection escoveitch fish or spicy pepper-pot soup, washed down with the "Pushcart" cocktail. The blend of pineapple juice, peppery ginger beer and white rum will have you coming back for more - whether or not you saw the green flash."

Jamaica Tourist, "Everything You Need To Know For The Perfect Vacation Experience"

"Negril's casual dining horizon was just expanded by this new, Jamaican style restaurant and rum bar. Introduced by the Rockhouse, one of the Caribbean's top resorts, the "Pushcart" is located at the adjacent Pirates Cave. Used by street vendors, the menu is inspired by the "Pushcart" and based upon the Jamaican street food experience."

The Negril Beat, "Pushcart Pushes Ahead"

"New to the West End on One Love Drive is the aesthetically pleasing restaurant Pushcart. Located in the old Pirates Cave location and owned and operated by Rockhouse, this restaurant is doing everything right. The service was swift, friendly, and with a jovial atmosphere the whole time that we were there. The staf seemed to just jump in and help each other out, not staying put in any one location even taking part playing rhythm instruments along with the mento band that was there entertaining the night we were there. The menu has a great selection and I found the food here not to be too heavy and a little healthier in cooking style than other Jamaican eateries. Starting with a fresh garden salad, it was not the typical iceburg lettuce with a few peppers and a cucumber. The salad was a pretty selection of hand picked red and green leaf lettuce and another five garden veggies that made it colourful and a joy to eat. For a main course they didn't have my first choice that night (the Oxtail), but I was happy to choose the currid goat as an alternative. The curry flavour and the tenderness of the goat was perfect...rounded out with jasmine rice and steamed vegetables. The veggies could have been a little more exciting, as I am a big vegetable lover, but they still had their integrity not being all soft and overcooked. My partner had the steam roasted red snapper that was delicious as well. A nice broth inside the steamed foil package with the fish added a light gravy for his rice. I would recommend Pushcart for a quick bite, an elegant romantic dinner, a large party, or just for drinks....as they have a large and magnificent bar in the middle of the restaurant and the staff are fun to be around. Enjoy! "

West End Road, Negril, Jamaica


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