The Rockhouse Pool, a sixty-foot, horizon swimming pool, is carved into the cliff's edge. The pool features a huge, one-foot deep step for lounging, and a 20-yard lap swimming beat. Snorkeling and swimming are among the major active pastimes at the Rockhouse.

In addition to the swimming pool, ladders and stairs lead from the cliff's edge down into Pristine Cove. Here, crystal-clear, snorkel-perfect water provides a great environment for open water swimming with an approximately 200 meter ocean swimming lane, and fantastic views of the coral and sea life. Observe clusters of dwarf tube sponges, small coral heads and a variety of colorful reef fish. Snorkeling Gear as well as other Water Sports equipment rentals is available from the Pool Bar.

A visit to Rockhouse is not complete without a tour of the reef and cliffs on a glass bottom boat. There are also numerous adventure and relaxation water tours available including fishing; parasailing; water skiing; jet skiing; scuba diving or just lounging on the beach.

The waters around Negril offer some excellent diving. There are two large reefs running parallel to the West End cliffs (one right out from the pool at Rockhouse) and four smaller reefs along the beach, making scuba a popular pastime. There are many interesting dives with abundant fish, brilliantly colored sponges, octopuses, stingrays, soft and hard coral, and the occasional turtle. There are also several sunken wrecks; one a ganja smuggling plane that misjudged its landing, another plane that was sunk deliberately and also a sunken tugboat. Some of the more popular dives include the Throne Room, the Arches and Shallow Plane which are novice dives, in addition to Deep Plane and Kingfish points for the more experienced. There are a number of local Scuba operators who provide free pickup and drop off from the hotel and offer the full range of experiences from the resort course dive for the complete beginner to advanced certification courses.

Coastal Living, "10 Top Spots to Snorkel"

"The Rockhouse resort sits far from the bustle of Montego Bay on the rocky shores of Negril. Each bungalow is just steps from the water that laps languidly at the base of the cliffs. Being here is like diving into your personal aquarium populated by species usually found only on offshore reefs."

West End Road, Negril, Jamaica


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